Process Mining at VGZ — Process Mining Camp 2017

Process Mining Camp is less two weeks away and there are just a tiny number of tickets left. So, if you want to come, you should reserve your seat now!

To get ready for this year’s camp, we have started releasing the videos from last year. If you have missed them before, you can still watch the videos of Remco Bunder and Jacco Vogelsang from Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways), Sebastiaan van Rijsbergen from Nationale Nederlanden, Wilco Brouwers and Dave Jansen from CZ, and Gijs Jansen from Essent.

The fifth talk at Process Mining Camp was from Roel Blankers and Wesley Wiertz from VGZ. The health insurance cooperation VGZ is using operational visual management to track process performance every day. Lean has been adopted as the problem-solving methodology.

However, it took Roel a lot of time to map the existing processes during brown paper sessions before they were able to understand the real problem. When they analyzed the non-routine dental care claims process they decided to try a different approach: Process mining.

After extracting and preparing the data, they discovered that this process took 28 days to complete. In the discovered process maps they could see that a lot of the requests were being forwarded from the administrative teams to the medical advisors. Just by sharing the discovered process and asking why these claims needed to be forwarded to advisors, they found that a lot of these cases could actually be handled by the administrative teams. Therefore, it was proposed to set up an experiment to transfer the knowledge between the medical advisors and the administrative teams. Using process mining, they were able to validate that this new approach has in fact improved the lead time by almost 40%.

With process mining they were able to identify the problem quickly. They got a fact-based insight, which prevented them from jumping to conclusions. Process mining is a great addition to the Lean toolbox and a fun way to collaborate with domain experts to find opportunities to improve.

Do you want to learn from the best practices from VGZ to extend your Lean toolbox with process mining? Watch Roel and Wesley’s talk now!


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