Process Mining at Nationale Nederlanden — Process Mining Camp 2017

Process Mining Camp is just three weeks away! Take a look at our speaker lineup and workshops and get your ticket here.

We have started to release the videos from last years camp so that we can all relive the experience. If you have missed the video of Remco Bunder and Jacco Vogelsang from Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways), you can watch it here.

The second speaker at Process Mining Camp 2017 was project and change manager Sebastiaan van Rijsbergen from Nationale Nederlanden. As one of the largest financial service providers in the Netherlands, Nationale Nederlanden needs to accelerate the digital transformation to remain competitive.

Sebastiaan knows how to start something new and, step by step, impact the whole organization. From his process mining journey we can learn how involving multi-disciplinary teams, an iterative approach, and data governance are critical to scale up your process mining success.

Introducing process mining in an organization is often a bumpy road and requires you to power trough the “valley of despair” in the change curve. For example, process mining makes things more transparent than some people are comfortable with and Sebastiaan received quite some pushback from certain people in the company. However, one of the magical moments in Sebastiaan’s process mining journey was when these very same people came back to him later on and told him that, in fact, process mining had brought peace into a discussion that had been heated with opinions and conflict before.

Do you want to know what process mining challenges Sebastiaan faced and how he resolved them? Watch Sebastiaan’s talk now!

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Rudi Niks

Rudi Niks

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Rudi has been a process mining pioneer since 2004. As a Process Mining expert and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, he has over ten years of practical, hands-on experience with applying process mining to improve customers' processes. At Fluxicon, he is sharing his vast experience to make sure you succeed.