Wil van der Aalst at Process Mining Camp 2016

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To get us all into the proper camp spirit, we have started to release the videos from last year’s camp. If you have missed them before, check out the videos of Jan Vermeulen from Dimension Data, Giancarlo Lepore from Zimmer Biomet, Paul Kooij from Zig Websoftware, Carmen Lasa Gómez from Telefónica, Marc Gittler & Patrick Greifzu from DHL Group, Lucy Brand-Wesselink from ALFAM, and Abs Amiri from SPARQ Solutions.

The last speaker at Process Mining Camp 2016 was Prof. Wil van der Aalst from Eindhoven University of Technology. As we have seen in the previous talks, data science, and specifically process mining, can create enormous value. But with great power comes great responsibility. Without taking proper care, the results of a data analysis could negatively impact citizens, patients, customers and employees. This often creates resistance towards these kinds of technologies (for example, laws that forbid to use data in a certain way).

As a data science professional, it is our responsibility to be aware of these new challenges. For example, systematic discrimination based on data, invasion of privacy, non-transparent life-changing decisions, and inaccurate conclusions may lead to new forms of “pollution”. “Green Data Science” is a new data science area that enables individuals, organizations, and society to reap the benefits from the widespread availability of data while ensuring fairness, confidentiality, accuracy, and transparency.

Do you want to apply these principles and be a responsible process miner? Watch Wil’s talk now!