Applications from Healthcare to Government At This Year’s Process Mining Camp

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We have never had such a broad range of use cases and topics at Process Mining Camp before: At this year’s camp, we already have deep-dive talks on a municipal government process improvement case and step-by-step instructions for how to get event log data out of any database. We will also cover IT service processes and manufacturing processes.

Today, we are happy to add the healthcare domain and the new system development use case with our next two speakers: Bart van Acker will share how process analysis can be improved with process mining at Radboudumc hospital, and Edmar Kok will show you how process mining was used in the develpment and after launch of a newly minted process system used at the Dutch ministry of Education.

Bart van Acker, Radboudumc

Bart van Acker

Process Analysis in Healthcare With Process Mining

There has been a lot of discussion1 about the challenges that our healthcare systems are facing, because of the aging population and increasing costs. Process improvement (while maintaining or improving quality of care) is therefore very important to keep pace with these developments.

Radboud university medical center is an academic hospital that is quite advanced in their adoption of electronic patient record systems, among other things, but process analysis and improvement remains as big a challenge as in all other hospitals as well. Bart is a process improvement expert working with the medical staff in different areas at Radboudumc, and he encounters these challenges on a daily basis.

At camp, Bart will share the specific difficulties of process analysis in healthcare. He will show the benefits that process mining can bring to the improvement of healthcare processes based on the example of the Intensive care unit and the Head and Neck Care chain at Radboudumc.

Edmar Kok, DUO

Edmar Kok

Using Process Mining In An Event-Driven Environment

Edmar worked for a project team at DUO, the study financing arm of the Dutch Ministry of Education, to help set up a new event-driven process environment. Unlike typical workflow or BPM systems, event-driven architectures are set up as loosely-coupled process steps (which can be either human or automated tasks) that are combined in a flexible way. The new system was introduced with the goal to improve the speed of DUO’s student finance request handling processes and to save 25% of the costs.

At camp, Edmar will walk you through the specific challenges that emerged from analyzing log data from that event-driven environment and the kind of choices that they had to make. He will also discuss the key metrics DUO wanted to monitor from a business side. You will learn how process mining can be used to very quickly uncover technical errors in the pilot phase of a new system, as well as gain transparency in the business KPIs for the new process.

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  1. For example, see this interview with Wil van der Aalst by Chuck Webster on the opportunities of process mining for healthcare. ↩︎

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