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Watch Recording of Webinar on Process Mining for Customer Journeys 1

One really interesting application area for process mining is customer journey analysis. In customer journey mining, process mining is used to understand how customers are experiencing the interaction with a company, and how they are using their products. For example, you may want to see how your customers are navigating your website or are interacting with your web application.

We recently recorded a webinar on that topic, together with our friends at UXsuite. You can watch the recording of the customer journey process mining webinar by clicking on the video above.

If you analyze processes from a customer perspective (often across multiple channels such as phone, web, in-person appointments, etc.), you typically face a lot of diversity and complexity in the process, but also issues of data handling and automation.

Some of the typical customer journey analysis challenges are:

Watch the webinar recording to learn more about these challenges, and to see how they can be addressed through an iteration of data preparation and process analysis steps.

What you will learn:

If you have seen a process mining introduction before, you can jump directly to the customer journey examples and challenges part here.

Are you thinking about analyzing customer journeys for your company now or in the future? Request to receive the slides from the video (including step-by-step screenshots from the live demo) and information on how to get started immediately with UXsuite and Disco at We also offer evaluation packages that make it easy for you to try out customer journey analysis with UXsuite and Disco for your own process. Get in touch!

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