BPI Challenge Results 2014

CKM Advisors - Accepting the Award for the BPI Challenge 2014

Yesterday, all submissions to the BPI Challenge 2014 were published on the Challenge website.

The winners this year have been the team of CKM Advisors. Yes, they already won the BPI Challenge in 2012, and they were the runner-up last year!

Picking CKM’s contribution as the winners of this year’s competition was unanimous. One of the jury members commented on their work as follows:

I like how 13 clear patterns were defined, how a decision tree was presented to distinguish between them and how this served as a basis for the analysis, prediction and presentation of the results.

This year’s BPI challenge was particularly difficult as many of the questions were in fact outside of the classical process mining space, reaching further into the data mining and data science area than in the previous years.

CKM, with their data science background, directly tackled these questions and identified patterns for how changes impact the IT service level at the bank by leading to new interactions with the service desk and incidents. You can take a look their winning submission here.

BPI Challenge award trophy 2014

To honor their achievement, the winners received a special trophy (see above). This beautiful award has been hand-crafted by Felix Gnther, after an original concept and design. It is made from a single branch of a plum tree, which symbolizes the “log” that was analyzed in the challenge. The copper inlay stands for the precious information that was mined from the log.

Furthermore, this year for the first time there was a student competition category at the BPI challenge. The winners of the student competition are Gabriele Cacciola from the Universiy of Calabria in Italy, and Raffaele Conforti and Hoang Nguyen from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia. You can read their winning submission here. As a price, they have received an iPad.

It’s your turn, now!

People often ask us how they can practice their process mining skills. The BPI challenge data sets are a great way to do that. And on top of having the chance to play with some real data, you can also read the submission of all the participants to see their solutions. We recommend to also take a look at the previous BPI Challenges from 2013, 2012, and 2011.

For this year’s challenge, the following submissions were selected for publication and have been made available on the BPI challenge website1 yesterday. Here they are in order of scoring by the jury.

Main challenge:

  1. CKM Advisors, USA: Pierre Buhler, Rob O’ Callaghan, Soline Aubry, Danielle Dejoy, Emily Kuo, Natalie Shoup, Inayat Khosla, Mark Ginsburg, Nicholas Hartman and Nicholas Mcbride

  2. GRADIENT ECM, Slovakia: Jan Suchy and Milan Suchy

  3. UWV and Consultrend, The Netherlands: Marcus Dees and Femke van den End

  4. National Research Council, Canada: Scott Buffett, Bruno Emond and Cyril Goutte

  5. KPMG Advisory, Belgium: Peter Van den Spiegel, Leen Dieltjens, Liese Blevi, Jan Verdickt, Paul Albertini and Tim Provinciael

  6. ChangeGroup, Denmark: John Hansen

  7. Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Germany: Tom Thaler, Snke Knoch, Nico Krivograd, Peter Fettke and Peter Loos

  8. Pontificia Universidad Catlica, Chile: Michael Arias, Mauricio Arriagada, Eric Rojas, Cecilia Saint-Pierre and Marcos Seplveda

Student competition:

  1. Universiy of Calabria, Italy, and QUT, Australia: Gabriele Cacciola, Raffaele Conforti and Hoang Nguyen

  2. Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Pedro Richetti, Bruna Brando and Guilherme Lopes

  3. **Myongji University, Korea**: Seung Won Hong, Ji Yun Hwang, Dan Bi Kim, Hyeoung Seok Choi, Seo Jin Choi and Suk Hyun Hong

We congratulate not only the winners but all participants of the BPI Challenge for their great work and contribution to advancing the process mining area. Thank you!

  1. There will be CEUR workshop proceedings like last year, but this will take a little longer. ↩︎

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