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Process Mining is a relatively intuitive technology. Especially with a great tool like Disco, you can start analyzing your process and produce your first process maps within minutes. Yet, without some background knowledge and experience, it is sometimes easy to get stuck at some point. How can you make sure your data is optimal for analysis? When do you use which filters, and what do they do exactly?

Our Process Mining Master Class gets you ready for productively applying process mining and enables you to turn your business questions into actionable insight. Whether you are just starting out, or you have already evaluated process mining software - our training picks you up where you are, and gets you to a point where you can stop thinking about tools, and start thinking about solutions.

Get inspired at camp — then, get started next day!

This year, we offer a special edition of our Process Mining Master Class on Wednesday, 29 May (the day after Process Mining Camp).

In this one-day course, we combine theoretical knowledge, practical methodology, and hands-on software training to provide you with a solid foundation about what process mining is, how it works, and what it can (and cannot) do. For the practical part you will use our process mining software Disco. You will be fluent in using Disco and able to approach unknown data sets for your own process mining analysis after this course.

  • Learn from renowned process mining expert Anne Rozinat.

  • Get a solid theoretical foundation for process mining.

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of process mining, and how to make it work for you.

  • Learn how to approach new data and prepare it for analysis.

  • Master different process mining analysis views and drill down with filters.

  • Translate business questions into process mining routines.

  • Learn how to get the most from Disco, our powerful process mining software, in compact hands-on sessions.

  • Bring your own data, and let us help you analyze it.

  • Take Disco home for 60 days, and put it to work for you.

This master class is the perfect companion and follow-up for Process Mining Camp, especially for those of you who are coming from farther away. For a special fee of only € 495,-1, you get a full day of hands-on process mining training with all the theoretical background you need, from one of the world’s most renowned experts on process mining. And even more, this price does not only include Process Mining Camp, but also a full Disco license for 60 days, so you can get right to work after you get home!

Dr. Anne Rozinat

The Master Class training will be given by Dr. Anne Rozinat. Anne has more than 10 years of experience with process mining and process mining projects, and has obtained her PhD Cum Laude in the process mining group of Wil van der Aalst at Eindhoven University of Technology. In her role as process mining lecturer at business schools such as Tias Nimbas in the Netherlands, she has been consistently ranked as excellent by the students.

Come aboard!

If you have been thinking about attending a process mining training, this is the one for you. You get a tried and tested course, given by a renowned process mining expert, plus the best process mining software Disco for two months.
– all for the special price of only € 495,-.

To make sure that you get as much out of this training as possible, this master class is strictly limited to 10 participants. Sign up now to reserve your seat!

Come to Process Mining Camp 2013!

Whether you decide to join our Master Class or not, you should really come to Process Mining Camp 2013! Register now to reserve your seat at Process Mining Camp on 28 May in Eindhoven. We only have a limited number of tickets, and they are going fast…

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Christian W. Günther

Christian W. Günther

Product development and everything else

Christian has that touch for creating software which looks good, is easy to use, and performs great. He has been a leading core developer for the scientific process mining tool ProM since 2005.