Process Mining Camp 2013 — Expedition Workshops

Process Mining Camp 2013

We have finally finished the program for Process Mining Camp, and we are happy to tell you that we have found yet another great practice speaker: Philipp Horn from Volkswagen, Germany! This brings the total tally up to six practice talks – more than three hours of tales from the frontier, from experienced process mining pioneers who live there.

If you have not signed up for camp already, check out the program and sign up now! We have less than 15 seats left, so if you have considered coming we strongly advise you to make your move quickly.

The expedition workshops

The expedition workshops are our little experiment at this year’s camp, and we are really excited about them. Most likely when you hear ‘workshop’, you think of some sort of miniature conference with presentations or exercises – which is quite a different thing than what we have in mind. So, let us explain a bit more about what you can expect.

The initial trigger for the workshops was feedback we received from many people at last year’s camp. They told us how much they loved meeting other process miners, and exchanging their experiences in small, informal groups over coffee and drinks. Especially those campers who were lucky to run into others that shared their same interests or background1 were enthusiastic about their encounters.

The expedition workshops are designed to make sure that every attendee at this year’s camp will have that experience. Each workshop has a maximum of 10 participants2. We are going to ask all attendees to pick their top 3 workshops, and then we will try to match them into groups they are most interested in.

But even more important than that is that we will keep the setting informal: There are no specific rooms, no beamers, and such. Every workshop group will gather, and then find a place in the Zwarte Doos caf or outside3 to settle down for their discussion.

So, please don’t expect a presentation by your workshop host, we specifically asked them to not prepare one. We did, however, make sure that you will have an exceptionally qualified expedition leader in your group to kick off the discussion, and to provide an informed point of view.

Just have a look at this amazing list of process mining experts who will host a workshop at camp:

  • Workshop 1: Methodology
    Tijn van der Heijden from Deloitte, Netherlands, is the person to talk to about process mining project methodology. He even wrote his Master’s thesis about this topic.

  • Workshop 2: Closing The Loop
    Who could be better than Lalit Wangikar from CKM Advisors, USA, to discuss about closing the loop. His team won the BPI Challenge 2012 due to their “successful conversion of analysis results in digestible business level results and recommendations”4.

  • Workshop 3: Business Value
    Walter Vanherle from bpi3, Belgium, is no stranger to ROI and business value, with more than 30 years of consulting experience. He will share their own value impact template format to kickstart the discussion.

  • Workshop 4: Mining for Auditors
    Youri Soons from Auditdienst Rijk, Netherlands, presents a concrete approach about process mining for auditors earlier at camp. Talk shop and compare practices with other auditors in his expedition.

  • Workshop 5: IT Service Management
    Roy van Wel from the Ministry of Defense, Netherlands, is the perfect host for the IT Service Management workshop. He has recently completed a detailed case study on improving service level controls with process mining at a company.

  • Workshop 6: Healthcare Mining
    Ronny Mans from TU Eindhoven, Netherlands, is without a doubt the single-most experienced person in the area of healthcare mining. He has written his PhD thesis about the topic and is currently working on process mining in his postdoc project with several hospitals.

  • Workshop 7: Setting Up Shop
    You probably still remember Frank van Geffen from the Rabobank, Netherlands, from last year’s camp. With several process mining projects inside the Rabobank, he is the expert about setting up shop and can tell a story or two about how to master organizational barriers.

  • Workshop 8: Adding Data
    Hajo Reijers from the TU Eindhoven / Perceptive, Netherlands, has always liked to combine research and practice. This is why is interested in adding data (quality information, geographic tagging, cost break-downs, you name it) to make process mining more meaningful.

  • Workshop 9: Customer Experience
    Shaun Moran from Customer Dimension Analytics, Ireland, already applied process mining in the context of customer experience management when he was still at eBay. He has more than 16 years of experience to contribute to the discussion.

  • Workshop 10: Forensics and Mining
    Thomas Stocker from Freiburg University, Germany, has published several articles on process mining and security. He is the ideal person to join for discussing all kinds of ideas to connect forensics and mining.

  • Workshop 11: Social Mining
    Alberto Manuel from Process Sphere, Portugal, is one of the most forward-looking and opinionated BPM experts I know. In the social mining workshop he is ready to discuss the importance of social network analysis to get to the bottom of organizational change.

  • Workshop 12: Industry Meets Academia
    Arthur ter Hofstede from Queensland University of Technology, Australia, is used to connecting research to practice by way of their QUT business courses, consulting and research projects. Discuss with him how to make industry meets academia cooperations a success.

  • Workshop 13: Open Source Development
    Boudewijn van Dongen from TU Eindhoven, Netherlands, is the mastermind behind ProM and the best person to discuss about all things open source development for process mining. He also initiated the main process mining competition, the BPI Challenge.

  • Workshop 14: Standardizing Log Data
    Eric Verbeek from TU Eindhoven, Netherlands, is the project lead of ProM, and with the current IEEE accredidation of XES deep into standardizing log data. Discuss what features a log standard needs, directly with the organizer of the XES standard working group.

Regardless of which expedition workshop you are going to attend, you will be in great company. You will get the chance to really connect to your expedition host and the other campers in your group, and get direct access to their vast experience. Dive deep into your favorite process mining topic, participate in a relaxed and open discussion, and make new friends!

Sign up to camp now to choose your three favorite workshop topics.

  1. Like healthcare or auditing. ↩︎

  2. We will try to keep the workshops even smaller, maybe around 5 - 7 participants. ↩︎

  3. If the weather is nice, of course. ↩︎

  4. A quote from the awards ceremony. ↩︎

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