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Process Mining Camp 2013 is already tomorrow! So, what would be a better warm-up than another fireside chat with one of our practice speakers at camp.

Previously, we have already spoken with Tijn van Heijden, Walter Vanherle, Lalit Wangikar, and Youri Soons. Today, you can read the fireside chat with our fifth practice speaker Philipp Horn below.

Philipp Horn Philipp Horn has worked in the Business Intelligence area of the Purchasing department of Volkswagen, Germany, for more than 5 years.

He is a front runner in adopting new techniques to understand and improve processes and will talk about his process mining experiences at camp.

Interview with Philipp

Anne: Someone recently told me that organizations are getting ready for process mining, because they have now understood the importance of process thinking and started to develop a culture around processes. Do you think that is true?

Philipp: I would agree, because if you want to continue improving productivity, you need to get to the process level eventually. You might start by improving the IT systems to gain quick wins, but eventually the further improvement opportunities are lying in the processes themselves.

Anne: Are there any special challenges that one is facing when improving high-volume processes at a large scale?

Philipp: I have to say that due to the enormous complexity one has to be very careful to not oversimplify. There is a risk with managers misinterpreting the results of an analysis if they are not guided by someone who has the complete overview. For example, in a discovered process model it is easy to say that this process should be simpler here and there, but often there are good reasons for these exceptions today. To distinguish what is necessary and what could be actually improved requires both process knowledge and domain expertise on a detailed level.

Anne: Thanks, Philipp! I absolutely agree. Often process mining results can be interpreted in multiple ways, and there lies a big responsibility for the analyst to take all the context information into account and to draw the right conclusions. We are looking forward to hearing more from you at camp!

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Anne Rozinat

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