Process Mining Camp 2013

What would you do if you could put all of the world’s most experienced process mining experts in one place, for one day? Would you put them up on a stage and let them share their most interesting stories? Would you rather get together with them in small groups and exchange ideas? Or would you just like bounce ideas against them one-on-one, face to face, over lunch, dinner, or coffee?

What if I told you that you could have it all? That there is a place where you can meet other process miners and swap tips, tricks, and war stories. A place where experienced practitioners candidly talk about the challenges they encountered, and tell you their secrets to overcome them. Magic, you say?

Process Mining Camp 2013

This magical place is Process Mining Camp, and whether you are just getting started, or you are a seasoned professional ready to take it to the next level – This is the place for you!

When: 28 May 2013

Where: Zwarte Doos, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

When we organized the first Process Mining Camp last year, more than 70 process miners from all over Europe came to Eindhoven. We shared our experiences in talks and over drinks and had a great time together. Everybody in process mining was there, and we made even more new friends. It was, hands down, one of the best things we have ever done1.

This year’s Process Mining Camp will be all that, and then some more:

  • Experienced practitioners from three continents, and from the largest global corporations to highly specialized consultancies, will share their successes and secret weapons with you in candid practice talks.

  • Join one of more than a dozen expedition workshops and dive deep into your favorite process mining topic. This is not your typical workshop, where one talks and the others listen – Every workshop has an outstanding expert as a guide, but you will set the course together.

  • Keynotes that truly deserve their name: The “godfather” of process mining himself, Wil van der Aalst, and our very own Anne Rozinat, the world’s premier expert on the application of process mining.

  • Meet your fellow process miners and make new friends, in a great location at Eindhoven University of Technology, the birthplace of process mining.

  • Immerse yourself into process mining from dawn ‘til dusk – Food and drinks are on-site and included, so why not continue that conversation right there?

All practice speakers and expedition workshop guides are distinguished experts in the process mining community, and they will be at camp all day. Add to that the rest of our smart campers, and you have the hotspot of process mining expertise on the planet in one place, for one day. You really don’t want to miss this!

If you want our honest advice: Don’t even reserve that day in your agenda, go ahead and sign up right away! We have strictly limited space for this year’s camp2, and if the experience from last year’s camp is any indication, tickets will be going fast. And if you register before 15 May, you will also get an exclusive and stylish camp t-shirt.

Read all about Process Mining Camp 2013, and sign up on the camp website here. We can’t wait to see you at camp soon!

Process Mining Camp 2013 is proudly hosted by Fluxicon, and is supported by Eindhoven University of Technology, the IEEE Task Force for Process Mining, the Ngi, and the BPM Roundtable.

  1. You can watch videos from the practice talks at last year’s camp here. ↩︎

  2. Fire and safety regulations make this a very exclusive event for a maximum of 100 campers… ↩︎

Christian W. Günther

Christian W. Günther

Product development and everything else

Christian has that touch for creating software which looks good, is easy to use, and performs great. He has been a leading core developer for the scientific process mining tool ProM since 2005.