Disco Wins Best Tool Demo Award at BPM 2012

Best Demo Award at BPM 2012 for Fluxicon Disco

We are honored and very happy to announce that Disco, our professional Process Mining software, has won the Best Tool Demonstration award at the BPM 2012 conference in Tallinn last week.

The award was conferred to us during the conference banquet by demo chair Niels Lohmann, who praised the high quality of both Disco itself and the demonstration given by Anne. He mentioned that Disco had received by far the most favorable reviews from the committee, and quoted from one of the reviews:

It [Disco] can inspire researchers and developers for new techniques, visualizations, graphical user interface design and documentation approach. It can be seen as a successful integration of research in a practical, commercial tool.

It won’t surprise you that we are thrilled to have won this prestigious award from the most high-quality and thought-leading conference in the field of BPM and Process Mining. But we were even more blown away by the enthusiastic and widespread response1 to Anne’s demonstration of Disco.

Anne presenting the demonstration of Disco at BPM 2012

Unfortunately, we did not have the chance to view any of the other tool demonstrations but one, the demo of Eventifier, which was held in the same room2. Eventifier appears to be a nice tool for correlating and extracting logs from a database, and with its XES export it is of course compatible with both Disco and ProM 6.

We would like to thank the demo chairs, Niels Lohmann and Simon Moser, and the local organizers for setting up the demonstration track in a superb manner, from start to finish. Also, we would like to thank the whole demo committee, and everyone who attended our demo, approached us about Disco, and all of you who had such nice words for us!

And of course we have to give a big thanks to all our users, customers, consulting partners, and academic partners! Your support and constant feedback are essential in helping us move Disco and Process Mining forward. This award is a big step ahead not just for Disco or Fluxicon, but for the whole Process Mining community at large.

Of course, we released Disco just three months back, so instead of resting on our laurels we are indeed just getting started! And if you have not tried Disco yet, download it today and see what the fuzz is about!

  1. Just look at those captivated faces in the photo… ↩︎

  2. With alternating demonstration timeslots ↩︎

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Christian W. Günther

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