Léonard Studer at Process Mining Camp 2012

Watch Léonard Studer at Process Mining Camp 2012

The next installment in our Process Mining Camp 2012 video series is the talk by Léonard Studer, who works at the City of Lausanne in Switzerland. This is another candid talk by a fearless practitioner that you don’t want to miss.

From his first work with process mining in a project to set up an internal control system, to the strategic role of process mining in a future program to optimize administrative processes, Leonard shares his wild ride with process mining at the City of Lausanne, en detail. You will hear about wrangling with heterogeneous data and the problem with getting it1, the reality shock process mining can bring to people who “know exactly what they are doing”, and lots of political headaches along the way.

When I watched Leonard’s talk again while editing the video, I noticed that it is a splendid example of something that has become clear to me many times over since we started Fluxicon: You don’t have to be a starry-eyed visionary to catch the process mining fire. There are hard, pragmatic, and straight-up rational reasons to reap its rewards right now – particularly because it’s so lightweight to integrate and easy to get started with.

Watch Léonard’s talk now and let us know what you think in the comments!

  1. Or, sometimes, the surprising ease of getting it… ↩︎

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Christian W. Günther

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