Process Mining at BPM2010

Over at his blog, Keith Swenson has a detailed write-up of all things process mining at and around the BPM 2010 conference1. I could not agree more with his closing notes:

Process mining is clearly a new and very hot field. It has gone from initial conception 10 years ago, to shipping products today, very fast by any measure. And the value of this mining is easy to prove. I anticipate in the next few years process mining will become increasingly a regular part of our technology infrastructure.

Keith’s post includes a summary of all BPI 2010 workshop talks (many about process mining), the meeting of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining, and more. I encourage you to read it all here on his blog.

  1. Also see Sandy Kemsley’s BPM 2010 wrap-up here↩︎

Christian W. Günther

Christian W. Günther

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Christian has that touch for creating software which looks good, is easy to use, and performs great. He has been a leading core developer for the scientific process mining tool ProM since 2005.