ProM Tips — How to Split up an Event Log?

Wolfgang asked me the following question today:

Is there a log filter in ProM that splits an event log in two logs? The first log should contain all instances that executed a specific activity ‘X’. The second log contains all the other instances, i.e., those that did not execute activity ‘X’.

Because I get the same question more often, I figured that I share it here with you so that more people can benefit from it.

The answer is that there is no log filter that does that. Instead the LTL Checker plug-in can be used. Here is a step-by-step description:

  1. Open the log and select the LTL Checker from the Analysis menu

  2. Then select formula ’eventually_activity_A’

  3. Provide the name of the activity as parameter A (so that would be ‘X’)

  4. Press the button Check formula

  5. Choose Export -> Correct instances -> Efficient MXML.GZ Export from the menu to export the log with all process instances that contain ‘X’

  6. Use Export -> Incorrect instances -> Efficient MXML.GZ Export to export those process instances that do not contain ‘X’

Here is a screenshot, where I export a log that contains only cases for which activity ‘Inbound Email’ was performed at some point in time.

There are a whole lot more ways to split up the event log. Check out the LTL Checker manual, which is located in the documentation folder of your ProM installation!

Anne Rozinat

Anne Rozinat

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