Listen and learn


If you really want to write useful software, stop spending all your time keeping up with technology. Don’t worry if your resume isn’t filled with the latest buzzwords. Instead, invest your time in talking with your customers. They don’t care what programming language you use - they only care whether your software meets their needs, and the best way to ensure that is by breaking out of your cone of silence and opening the lines of communication.

I liked this quote from Nick Bradbury, since it pretty much sums up our approach to product design. Too much software in the BPM spectrum has been designed to satisfy corporate agendas or executive wishful thinking, or simply because some smart project manager thought he found a nice new paradigm that pleased him.

Stop that nonsense. Don’t develop for an anonymous market, which in the end is just an idealized and dumbed-down mirror of your own ideas.

For instance, our services offering (besides solving the task at hand, obviously) is designed to better understand our users, and to know what they really need. What would you like to see in a revolutionary process mining and analysis tool? What bugs you with other tools, and how would you like to see the tool landscape change? Don’t hesitate to share your ideas in the comments!

Christian W. Günther

Christian W. Günther

Product development and everything else

Christian has that touch for creating software which looks good, is easy to use, and performs great. He has been a leading core developer for the scientific process mining tool ProM since 2005.