Process Mining Camp 2014

Process Mining Camp 2014 Livestream

This year, for the first time, you can follow Process Mining Camp wherever you are in the world, through our livestream above.

Our program starts at 10:00 am CEST (you can convert this to your local time zone here), and the stream should go live a few minutes before that, and continue until the end of our program at 17:30 CEST.

Please understand that this is an experiment. We are not sure whether our whole, complicated tech stack for livestreaming is going to work out okay. And of course, making the camp experience great for our campers on-site is our top priority. If the stream is not working for you, you might also try re-loading the page.

Having said that, knock on wood, and we hope you enjoy following along! For as-it-happens news about Process Mining Camp, you should follow us on Twitter at @fluxiconlabs. If you would like to join the discussion there, you can use the hashtag #pmcamp14.

Happy camping, everyone!

Breaking it down ·The Camp Program



Get your badge and t-shirt, grab a coffee, and get to know the other campers.


Anne Rozinat· Fluxicon, Netherlands

Learn about the state of the process mining world, and what's next, in our opening keynote.


John Müller· ING, Netherlands

Improving the customer experience at ING Australia with process mining.


Oliver Wildenstein· MLP Finanzdienstleistungen, Germany

Reducing waste and improving transparency for an outsourced IT process.


Nicholas Hartman· CKM Advisors, USA

Learn about how to integrate process mining into the data scientist's toolbox.



Help yourself to a warm lunch buffet, served right outside the camp room.


Johan Lammers· Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, Netherlands

Process mining from the vantage point of an experienced statistics expert.


Expedition Workshops

This year, we have invited five experienced process mining professionals to host focused expedition workshops for you.

  1. How to get management buy-in — Frank van Geffen
  2. Managing complexity in process mining — Anne Rozinat
  3. Data science tools that complement process mining — Nicholas Hartman
  4. Process mining and customer experience — Shaun Moran
  5. Process mining and lean — Antonio Valle



Coffee break

Share your workshop experiences with your fellow campers over a nice cup of coffee.


Erik Davelaar· KPMG, Netherlands

Learn how process mining fits into the auditing and compliance practice.


Frank van Geffen· Rabobank, Netherlands

From early experiments to a company-wide process mining success, as told by a pioneer.


Coffee break

A room full of process mining enthusiasts and lots of coffee. What's not to like?


Wil van der Aalst· TU Eindhoven, Netherlands

Closing keynote on fusing data science and process mining to create the process scientist.


Process Mining Perspectives· Panel Discussion

What is the state of the field, and where are we heading? Join us for an inspiring discussion with some of the leading figures in the process mining space, moderated by Anne Rozinat.

  • Wil van der Aalst (TU Eindhoven, Netherlands)
  • Frank van Geffen (Rabobank, Netherlands)
  • Nicholas Hartman (CKM Advisors, USA)
  • Neil Ward-Dutton (MWD Advisors, UK)
  • Marc Kerremans (Gartner, Belgium)
  • Christian Günther (Fluxicon, Netherlands)



Dinner & Campfire

Share a warm dinner with your fellow campers, and continue the discussion over drinks.

All practice, no preaching ·Meet the family

Process Mining Camp is the only conference worldwide that is focused exclusively on the practical application of process mining.

Here you can listen to inspiring keynotes, learn from information-packed practice talks, and collaborate in interactive workshops. And get together with the process mining community.

Frank van Geffen (Rabobank) at Process Mining Camp 2013
Youri Soons (Auditdienst Rijk) at Process Mining Camp 2013
Wil van der Aalst (TU Eindhoven) at Process Mining Camp 2013

Photos © 2013 Jan Taco te Gussinklo

Lalit Wangikar (CKM Advisors) at Process Mining Camp 2013

Since 2012, Process Mining Camp has become the annual family meeting for the process mining community.

Last year, more than 100 process mining enthusiasts came to Eindhoven. From the leading experts to absolute beginners. From close by, and from places as far as Israel, the United States, and Australia.

Tales from the frontier ·Talks you will remember

Practice talks are the heart and soul of Process Mining Camp. We have found a number of smart and experienced process mining professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences with you, no holds barred. Every speaker has 20 minutes for their talk, followed by ten minutes of discussion with the audience.

Frank van GeffenRabobank, Netherlands

The Rabobank has performed dozens of process mining projects over the past years. Today, it is one of the most successful companies in using process mining for driving change and continuous improvement. Frank is directly responsible for these successes, because he saw the potential and achieved others to listen. At camp, he will share tips and tricks about what exactly made process mining succeed at Rabobank.

Frank van Geffen is process innovator at Rabobank and chairman of the special interest group on process mining within the Dutch society of information professionals (NGI – NGN). He uses innovation to look at things in different ways and discover new connections.

Oliver WildensteinMLP Finanzdienstleistungen AG, Germany

The IT at MLP is facing the same challenges as other IT departments everywhere: Delivering excellent IT support for the business, while keeping an eye on costs and demonstrating the value they deliver. Process mining can help to achieve just that by making the actual processes transparent, highlighting waste, and measuring compliance. Oliver will discuss the benefits such as objectifying the discussion and challenges like getting the data.

Oliver Wildenstein is an IT process manager at MLP and active in various professional associations such as the German Manager association and the ISACA Germany Chapter for IT governance professionals. As an expert in IT process management he makes sure that the IT does the right things right for their customers.

Nicholas HartmanCKM Advisors, USA

CKM is a specialist consulting firm that uses data science to drive performance improvement. They have successfully used process mining along with other data science tools in many projects within large enterprises. Nick will show concrete results from these projects and discuss in detail how process mining analyses can be connected back to the business value in complex organizations.

Nicholas Hartman is Director at CKM Advisors, where he leads a growing team of data scientists that leverage an organization's digital footprint to deliver performance improvement solutions for their clients. Process mining is directly integrated in their approach.

Johan LammersCentraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, Netherlands

Statistics Netherlands is responsible for collecting and processing data in order to publish statistics to be used in practice, by policymakers and for scientific research. It exists since 1899 and more than 100 years later process mining really is the new kid on the block: What exactly can process mining add compared to traditional statistical analyses? And what can we learn from an organization that deals with data every day? Johan will put the two side by side and share their experiences.

Johan Lammers has been a business analyst and statistical researcher for almost 30 years. With a statistics and data processing job for life, he knows a thing or two about how to get data right.

Erik DavelaarKPMG, Netherlands

Process mining can not only be used for process improvement, but also for compliance purposes. Are the controls that are in place to reduce risk and fraud actually working? Processes are often documented on paper but running differently in reality. Erik will show you the results of multiple client projects, where he was applying process mining as an additional auditing tool.

Erik Davelaar is an advisor at the Risk Consulting / Financial Services division of KPMG Advisory. He is currently specializing in the usage of process mining in an IT audit context.

John MüllerING, Netherlands

Making sure a customer has the best possible experience when interacting with your company is one the most important goals many companies strive for. In light of this ING DIRECT Australia asked for an in-depth analysis of the behavior of their customers on their website before they called the call center. Using process mining they were able to get valuable business insight to make better decisions on how to further develop both their website and call center.

John has a degree in Business Mathematics and Informatics. He successfully introduced process mining as a new way of making better decisions in a wide array of areas for ING DIRECT Australia. He wrote his Master thesis on Process Mining in Fraud Investigations at PWC.

Expeditions ·Dive deeper in our workshops

Conference keynotes are inspiring, and presentations can give you a great overview. But what if you want to dive deeper into a topic? The workshop expeditions are the perfect opportunity to learn more about a specific aspect or challenge of process mining.

This year, we have invited five experienced process mining professionals to host focused expedition workshops for you. After an hour packed with interactive learning and discussions, you will come away with new insights and actionable knowledge that you can put to use right away.

Choose which workshop you want to join during the registration. Seats are limited, so register quick to make sure you can still get into your favorite workshop.

Workshop 1 ·How to get management buy-in for process mining

Frank van GeffenRabobank, Netherlands

Which roles do you need in your team to do a successful process mining project? What is a reasonable time-line for a proof-of-concept? And how do you get management support in the first place? In this workshop, you will learn how to position your process mining initiative in your company. You will literally practice your sales pitch to management and get direct feedback in the workshop.

Workshop 2 ·Managing complexity in process mining

Anne RozinatFluxicon, Netherlands

Have you ever imported a data set in your process mining tool and what you got was a complex “spaghetti” process? Often, real-life processes are so complex that the resulting process maps are too complicated to interpret and use. In this workshop, we will discuss simplification strategies for complex process maps, exploration methods, and cleanup steps that will help you get the analysis results that you need.

Workshop 3 ·Data science tools that complement process mining

Nicholas HartmanCKM Advisors, USA

Process mining is often used together in combination with other tools, for example, to prepare and pre-process the data. Furthermore, statistics and data mining tools can complement a process mining analysis in valuable ways. In this workshop, you will get an overview and concrete examples of tools that go well with process mining and see some example usage in action.

Workshop 4 ·Process mining and customer experience

Shaun MoranCustomer Dimension Analytics, Ireland

There are many different use cases for process mining. One that is relevant for many organizations is not just how to increase efficiency or save costs, but how to make the process better for the end customer. Where are customers let down? Where are they lost? In this workshop, you will learn how process mining can help to improve the customer experience.

Workshop 5 ·Process Mining and Lean

Antonio ValleG2, Spain

Traditionally, Lean comes out of the manufacturing area, but by now there are many companies that use Lean and Lean Six Sigma as a management approach for continuous improvement in various IT and non-IT processes. In this workshop, you will learn how process mining can be combined with, and add value to, Lean initiatives in your company.

Quo Vadis Process Mining

Opening Keynote byAnne Rozinat & Christian Günther

Process mining is a rapidly evolving technology and practice. Every day, professionals from diverse fields use process mining to answer very different questions. And the processes they analyze range from the well-structured to the chaotic, and from tiny to huge data sets. We are constantly learning to better understand which "job" process mining does for professionals, and how process mining software can support these use cases. In this talk, we will give you an overview of the process mining universe, common trends, and future directions.

Christian W. Günther and Anne Rozinat have both been working on Process Mining for more than ten years, and are the team behind Fluxicon. After their PhD with Wil van der Aalst, their mission is to make process mining scalable, beautiful, and indispensable to business users around the globe.

Towards a Process Scientist

Closing Keynote byWil van der Aalst

There is an increasing focus on data analysis in the business world, which is reflected in the rising interest in big data, and a high demand for data scientists. Recently, the TU Eindhoven started the Data Science Center Eindhoven (DSC/e) to advance research and education in this new field. However, the focus should not just be on data, but also on processes and organizations — We need process scientists! This is where process mining can play a key role.

Wil van der Aalst is the personification of process mining. He started to work on “workflow mining”, as it used to be called, way back when nobody even thought the necessary data existed. As a full professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, Wil has supervised countless PhD and Master students on the topic and is head of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining.

Panel Discussion ·Process Mining Perspectives

One thing about process mining is that there are so many different use cases, depending on the process that you analyze and depending on the questions that you have. But, as a community, we also look at process mining from different perspectives.

Practitioners have other needs and priorities than researchers. Consultants often move between quite different organizations, while a process mining champion within a company may need to work towards management support from the inside over a long time. There are very different visions for what process mining software tools should do, and how it should work for the user. Industry analysts also watch this space, analyzing the use cases of process mining and comparing it to other technologies.

What is the state of the field, and where are we heading? Join us for an inspiring discussion with some of the leading figures in the process mining space.

Anne Rozinat

Anne Rozinat

Anne will moderate this panel discussion. Since her PhD at the process mining group of Wil van der Aalst in 2009, Anne has been a co-founder of Fluxicon. For more than ten years, Anne has spoken to, and worked with, hundreds of researchers, professionals, consultants, and analysts in many different fields of work all over the world.

Wil van der Aalst

Wil van der Aalst

Wil is a full professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, where he is leading one of the strongest and most active research groups on process mining in the world.

Frank van Geffen

Frank van Geffen

Frank is process innovator at the Rabobank and chairman of the special interest group on process mining within the Dutch society of IT professionals Ngi-NGN.

Nicholas Hartmann

Nicholas Hartman

Nicholas is director at CKM Advisors, where he leads a growing team of data scientists using process mining to deliver performance improvement projects for their clients.

Neil Ward-Dutton

Neil Ward-Dutton

Neil is co-founder and research director at MWD Advisors in the UK, and is one of Europe's most experienced and high-profile IT industry analysts.

Marc Kerremans

Marc Kerremans

Marc is research director at Gartner. He has researched process mining extensively, and has experienced it first-hand at various points throughout his career.

Christian Günther

Christian Günther

Christian is head of product design and development at Fluxicon. He has been researching, designing, and engineering process mining tools for more than ten years.

Make the most of your trip ·Process Mining Training

Due to popular demand, especially for those of you who are traveling to Eindhoven from farther away, we offer an additional Process Mining Training on Thursday, 19 June (the day after Process Mining Camp) to make your trip even more worthwhile.

In this one-day course, we combine theoretical knowledge, practical methodology, and hands-on software training to provide you with a solid foundation about what process mining is, how it works, and what it can (and cannot) do.

For the practical part you will use Fluxicon’s process mining software Disco. You will be fluent in using Disco and able to approach unknown data sets for your own process mining analysis after this course.

The training will be given by Dr. Anne Rozinat. Anne has more than 10 years of experience with process mining and process mining projects.

Anne has obtained her PhD Cum Laude in the process mining group of Wil van der Aalst at Eindhoven University of Technology. She is a co-founder of the process mining company Fluxicon since 2009. In her role as process mining lecturer at business schools such as Tias Nimbas in the Netherlands, she has been consistently ranked as excellent by the students.

If you have any questions about this training, please contact Anne at

In this training you will learn:

  • What process mining is and how it works
  • Which benefits process mining provides
  • How process mining relates to technologies like data mining, business intelligence, and simulation
  • Which systems provide suitable data for process mining
  • How to identify which data is needed for process mining
  • How you can spot data quality problems before they negatively affect your analysis results
  • How to clean and prepare your data for analysis
  • How to break down a complex process into more managable parts for analysis
  • What the typical process mining analysis questions are and how you can answer them
  • What the phases of a process mining project are and how you should structure your project
  • Who are the stakeholders you should involve in the project, and at which point in time
  • How process mining can be integrated into process improvement methodologies such as Lean and Lean Six Sigma, or TOC
  • How process mining fits into process automation and transformation projects

This training can only be booked together with Process Mining Camp, for a special rate of € 695,- (excl. VAT). We want to keep the training focused and productive for everyone, so there is a maximum of 6 seats available.

Vox populi ·What last year's campers are saying

Wil van der Aalst

“Process mining camp is the place to be for process mining practitioners. The camp enables process mining enthusiasts to share practical experiences and learn best practices. Moreover, it facilitates community building through the unique setup of the camp.”

— Prof. Wil van der Aalst

TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Alberto Manuel

“If there is an event you should attend to actually learn about process mining, and how it is making a difference by helping organizations to change and adapt faster, this is the one for which you should save the date.”

— Alberto Manuel

ProcessSphere, Portugal

Samuel Itzikowitz

“Especially as a beginner in the field, I found the camp extremely informative, educational and important for me. It was not easy for me to make the trip but now, afterwards, I feel so good and so happy that I made the effort.”

— Prof. Samuel Itzikowitz

COMAS, Israel

Frank van Geffen

“As chairman of the Dutch NGI-NGN Special Interest Group on Process Mining I really endorse the sharing of practices and knowledge across the process mining community. My experience from previous years is that ‘The Camp’ is the place to be if you want to experience the world wide application of process mining. It's leading edge, realistic and down to earth. A great way to expand your network and you just might get that breakthrough you needed to further your efforts in conducting successful process mining projects.”

— Frank van Geffen

Rabobank & Ngi, Netherlands

Ward Steeman

“In our company we are extremely focused on processes, and we see process mining as a valuable technique to quickly understand how processes are executed in reality. The process mining camps have been very important for us to learn about the possibilities and limitations. Rather than process mining as only a ‘technique’, for us it's the place to listen to other companies revealing their experience with process mining.”

— Ward Steeman

Volvo, Belgium

Mitchell Cunningham

“Attending process mining camp was a great opportunity to learn from other process mining practitioners in a relaxed and informal setting. Particularly helpful were presentations and discussions around key process mining challenges including aligning process mining efforts to organisational culture and obtaining and preparing process data.”

— Mitchell Cunningham

Suncorp, Australia

Campsite ·Zwarte Doos

An event like Process Mining Camp deserves an appropriate venue. The Zwarte Doos is a modern building situated in a scenic part of the TU Eindhoven campus close to a small lake, so you can also share a coffee with your fellow campers outside if the weather's nice.

Celebrate a full day of process mining, only a few hundred meters from where this technology was invented. All keynotes and talks will be at the Zwarte Doos, and during our breaks we will also have food and drinks right there.

Zwarte Doos
Zwarte Doos screening room

Next to housing a Grand Cafe, the Zwarte Doos also serves as the university cinema, with a large and modern screening room. This is where the camp presentations are going to be held, so you can expect comfortable seating and a nice, bright projector.

The Zwarte Doos is located in the very south-western corner of the TU Eindhoven campus, and it can be reached from Eindhoven Central train station by a five minute's walk. If you want to come by car, parking space is available nearby on the university campus.

  • Come by train: The train station is Eindhoven Centraal. Leave the station on the northern side (where buses stop), and turn right. You can see the university buildings in a few minutes' distance. Cross at the traffic lights, and follow the scenic path. The Zwarte Doos is on your right, about twenty meters after crossing a small bridge.
  • Come by plane: Eindhoven has an airport serviced mostly by smaller airlines. Bus routes connect the airport to the central train station. If you come in via Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, there are train connections directly to Eindhoven central station every 30 minutes, leaving from a station right below the ground floor of the airport.
  • Come by car: When you are on the TU Eindhoven campus, look for a tall, green building, it is right next to the Zwarte Doos. Also, you may want to print the campus map here. Parking on the campus is € 7,50 per day (paid in cash, or by “Chipknip”).

Are you staying overnight?

Excellent choice! If you arrive early, we would be happy if you can join us for dinner the evening before camp. On 19 June, the day after camp, you will have the option to join us for one of our popular, full-day expert trainings in process mining and Disco, given by our very own Dr. Anne Rozinat.

If you need a recommendation for a place to stay, please get in touch with us and we will help you find a suitable hotel.

Anne Rozinat and Christian W. Günther from Fluxicon

Your hosts for the day

We are Anne and Christian from Fluxicon, and we love process mining. After finishing our PhDs with Wil van der Aalst in Eindhoven, we founded Fluxicon with two goals in mind. For one, we want to build the best process mining software for professionals. At least as important a goal for us is to spread the word about process mining, to grow the process mining community worldwide, and to bring the community closer together.

For us, Process Mining Camp is that dream come to life. The whole process mining community is coming together in one place for a day. No academic talks, and no sales show. At camp, we focus squarely and exclusively on the practical application of process mining.

In 2012, more than 70 smart and driven people joined us for the first Process Mining Camp. Last year, we moved Process Mining Camp to the Zwarte Doos and added workshops, and we had a great day with more than 100 process mining enthusiasts from all over the world.

The practice talks and keynotes are at the heart of what makes Process Mining Camp such a special experience, and this year's lineup promises to be no less exciting than the years before. We think we have made the workshops even better than last year, and there are also some new additions like the closing panel session, which think you are going to really love. We have a great program lined up, and we cannot wait to meet you in Eindhoven!

If there is anything we can help you with preparing for camp, or if you have questions, just shoot us an email at

We hope to see you at camp soon,

TU Eindhoven IEEE Task Force on Process Mining Ngi BPM Roundtable Eindhoven

Process Mining Camp 2014 is supported by Eindhoven University of Technology,
the IEEE Task Force for Process Mining, the Ngi, and the BPM Roundtable.

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Process Mining Camp 2014 is organized by Fluxicon.