Watch Bart van Acker at Process Mining Camp 2015

The tickets for this year’s Process Mining Camp have now sold out. But we have a small contingent reserved for people who told us that they need more time, and we are currently checking whether it is possible to get into a bigger room. So, if you wanted to come and don’t have a ticket yet, get in touch with Anne or sign up for the waiting list here.

To get us all into the proper camp spirit, we have started to release the videos from last year’s camp. If you have missed them before, check out the videos of Léonard Studer from the City of Lausanne, Willy van de Schoot from Atos International, Joris Keizers from Veco, and Mieke Jans from Hasselt University.

The fifth speaker at Process Mining Camp 2015 was Bart van Acker from Radboudumc. There has been a lot of discussion about the challenges that our healthcare systems are facing, because of the aging population and increasing costs. Process improvement (while maintaining or improving quality of care) is therefore very important to keep pace with these developments.

At camp, Bart shared the challenges that he faces in process improvement projects at the hospital. He showed us how process mining can help to bridge the gap between process improvement professionals and the medical staff based on the example of the Intensive care unit and the Head and Neck Care chain at Radboudumc.

Do you want to know which benefits process mining brings to the improvement of healthcare processes? Watch Bart’s talk now!

If you can’t attend Process Mining Camp this year but would like to receive the presentations and video recordings afterwards, sign up for the Camp mailing list here.

Anne Rozinat

Anne Rozinat

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