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Process Mining Camp 2015 — Get Your Ticket! 4

Register for Process Mining Camp 2015!

This year’s Process Mining Camp1 takes place on Monday, 15 June, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands2. Today, we are opening registration and you can get your ticket now on the camp website.

Process Mining Camp is the only process mining conference for practitioners world-wide. Every year, process mining enthusiasts from all over the globe come to camp to hear enlightening talks, and to exchange experiences and make friends with other process miners from the community. Last year’s campers came from 16 different countries!

This year, we will focus more than ever on the core that Process Mining Camp is all about: Discussing experiences, lessons learned, successes, and also the challenges around applying process mining in practice. In our practice talks, practitioners will take the stage and lead us through their experiences. The goal is not to impress but to share and discuss with the community.

This is what you can look forward to at Process Mining Camp:

We are still working with the speakers to finalize the program, but you should already register to secure your seat. We believe that being at camp in person, and especially interacting with other campers, is essential to the camp experience and atmosphere, so there will be no live stream on the internet this year.

Don’t miss Process Mining Camp 2015: Whether you are a beginner, or if you have been working with process mining for many years, you will go home with lots of relevant insights for your own work.

You can also sign up for the Process Mining Camp mailing list to be notified about further updates. For any questions, just get in touch.

We are very excited about this, and we can’t wait to see you all at camp on 15 June!

Anne & Christian

Anne and Christian at Process Mining Camp 2014

  1. See previous editions of Process Mining Camp from 2012, 2013, and 2014 
  2. Eindhoven is about 90 minutes by train from Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport 

Comments (4)


I came to this website because I got a post by the MOOC team led by Professor van der Aalst about this process mining camp.

I would very much like to attend the event but my funds are very limited. I would like to know whether you can make an exception so that I am able to attend the day for free.

In exchange I could make a video capturing highlights of the day. Is that a fair exchange?

Kind regards,

Ryan Ip

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your interest in process mining camp – We have sent you a reply per email.


I would love to come to the bootcamp (just finished the Coursera course by Prof. vd Aalst) but, unfortunately, do not have a CC yet as I just moved from the US back to Europe. Is there another way to pay?

Hi Michael, yes there is a second ticket option, where you can pay per invoice. I just sent you a note with further details. Anne

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