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Process Mining Camp 2012

Imagine you could sit together with all kinds of other process miners, sharing war stories, discussing challenges and approaches, talking shop… Heck, getting to know anybody who is into this as well would be great because most likely you are the first and currently the only one in your organization who even knows what process mining is.

If this sounds great, then the Process Mining Camp (click here to get to site) is for you. No worries, also for newcomers there is plenty of room and lots of things to discover.

During a half-day workshop in Eindhoven on 4 June, you will have the chance to meet other process mining practitioners accompanied by an exciting program. Drinks are on us.

Some of the highlights are:

Check out the program and reserve your free seat for the event right now (there is limited space available).

The event is organized in cooperation with the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining, the TU/e BPM Round Table, and the Ngi.

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