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How Big Data Relates to Process Mining – And How It Doesn’t 2

It has been a year with much talk about Big data. So, how does Process Mining relate to Big Data – and how does it not?

Process mining is not really about Big Data

On first glance, the topics discussed in the Big Data environment are not necessarily related to Process Mining, because:

Process mining is about Big Data

Ten to twelve years ago, when Wil van der Aalst started process mining, people were saying that there is no data that could be used for automated process discovery.

Today, data is not the problem – Data is everywhere. Most companies have loads of unused process data that can be used for process mining. This is a side-effect of the ongoing digitization and automation of business processes, leaving digital traces of real process executions as a byproduct.

These digital traces reflect closely what has happened in the real world and enable the application of process mining:

Process mining is ever more possible and viable because of the data explosion, so it’s an opportunity that has emerged out of Big Data. I really like this quote by Thornton May about Big Data and analytics:

The old think was that information overload is a problem. We’ve got to change our thinking. Having all this information available to us is not a bug; it’s a feature.

How do you see Process Mining in relation to Big Data?

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